Summer Lights

Summer Lights

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Introducing "Summer Lights" Wooden Lantern – The Face-Swapping Fun Factory That'll Illuminate Your Nights and Keep You Chuckling Until Dawn!

Hold onto your flip-flops and prepare for a laugh-filled journey with "Summer Lights" Wooden Lantern! Crafted with the whimsy of a beachside carnival and the charm of a coconut cocktail, this lantern isn't just about lighting up your space – it's about lighting up your life!

But here's where the fun truly shines – with interchangeable faces, "Summer Lights" is like a mood ring for your outdoor adventures! Whether you're feeling sunny with smiling suns, quirky with quirky emojis, or just plain bonkers with bananas, this lantern's got a face to match every summer mood!

Imagine this: you're throwing the ultimate backyard bash, complete with BBQs, bonfires, and a limbo contest that would make even the palm trees jealous. With "Summer Lights" casting its hilarious glow and sporting a new face every hour, you'll be the life of the party faster than you can say "surf's up!"

So why settle for a dull lantern when you can have "Summer Lights" – the ultimate beach buddy that'll keep the good times rolling all summer long? Whether you're hosting a poolside party or just looking to add some laughs to your patio, this lantern is your ticket to summertime silliness. So grab your shades, cue the steel drums, and let the fun shine with "Summer Lights" – because with this lantern by your side, every night feels like a comedy show under the stars!

Lantern Dimensions: Approximately 7"x7"x12"

Materials: Cherry Hardwood Top and Bottom; Maple Lantern Posts; Birch Plywood Inserts

Finish: Danish Wood Oil

Includes Lantern, one carved face, and three blank sides.

*Lantern Faces are made from a combination of Cherry, Maple and Birch. While they are finished with Danish Wood oil to withstand some elements, direct exposure to water may result in a diminished product.

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