Snappy Holidays
Snappy Holidays

Snappy Holidays

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Introducing our "Snappy Holidays" Wooden Lantern Face – a whimsical and unexpected addition to your holiday decor, blending the charm of Santa with the playfulness of an alligator!

Imagine a lantern face adorned with the festive features of our unique character, Snappy Holidays, meticulously carved from premium wood. The "Snappy Holidays" face isn't just a face; it's a delightful fusion of holiday cheer and a touch of reptilian whimsy, set to transform your lantern into a conversation starter and a festive centerpiece.

Attaching the "Snappy Holidays" face to your lantern is as snappy as our holiday gator himself, and the transformation it brings is nothing short of enchanting. Whether you place it on your porch, in your living room, or amidst your holiday decorations, the flickering candlelight will cast a warm glow upon this unexpected character, creating an atmosphere that's both festive and filled with the spirit of Snappy Holidays.

This lantern face is more than just a decoration; it's a nod to the unexpected joys of the season, a symbol of festive fun, and a reminder that holiday magic can come in the most unexpected forms. The interchangeable design allows you to switch up the faces, ensuring that your "Snappy Holidays" lantern is always ready to add a touch of holiday laughter to your space.

Whether you're hosting a quirky holiday gathering, turning your home into a haven of merriment, or simply embracing the playful spirit of the season, the "Snappy Holidays" Wooden Lantern Face is an essential addition to your decor. It's a snappy and lighthearted way to celebrate the magic of the holidays.

Illuminate your holiday nights with the whimsical glow of our "Snappy Holidays" Wooden Lantern Face. Order yours today and welcome the festive season with a warm and playful glow that captures the spirit of Snappy Holidays and the unexpected joy of holiday surprises.

Sign Dimensions: 4.5"x10"x.25"

Materials - Birch Plywood

Finish - Danish Wood Oil

*Lantern Faces are made with Birch wood. While they are finished with Danish Wood oil to withstand some elements, direct exposure to water may result in a diminished product.

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