Ghoulish Glow
Ghoulish Glow
Ghoulish Glow
Ghoulish Glow

Ghoulish Glow

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Introducing our "Ghoulish Glow" Wooden Halloween Lantern – the spook-tacular sensation that's about to light up your Halloween shindigs with ghoulishly good fun! 

Now, you might be thinking, "What's so special about a lantern?" Well, this isn't just any lantern – it's a lantern with interchangeable faces that'll make your Halloween-loving heart do the monster mash!

Crafted with more care than a witch's brew, our "Ghoulish Glow" lantern is as sturdy as Frankenstein's bolts and has the charm to match. Made from top-notch wood, it's ready to be the MVP of your Halloween decor lineup for years to come.

But here's where it gets really freaky-fun: the interchangeable faces. So, whether you're feeling like a devilish demon or a goofy ghost, you can swap faces faster than a werewolf under a full moon. These faces are designed to add some spook-tacular character to your lantern, so it'll be the un-BOO-lievable centerpiece of your Halloween decorations.

As the sun sets and the Halloween spirit rises, this lantern will cast an eerie yet inviting glow, making it the perfect trick-or-treat beacon or a creepy-cool addition to your haunted house. You'll have the most spine-chilling porch on the block!

Our "Ghoulish Glow" lantern is more than just decor – it's a conversation starter, a mood-setter, and a source of endless Halloween fun. Whether you're hosting a monster mash, transforming your home into a haunted mansion, or simply making your space a little more spooky, this lantern will be your go-to Halloween sidekick.

So, don't wait until the witches fly and the ghosts come out – grab your "Ghoulish Glow" Wooden Halloween Lantern now and get ready to light up the night with playfully spooky style! It's time to have a howlin' Halloween, so make your spooky statement today!

Lantern Dimensions: Approximately 7"x7"x12"

Materials: Cherry Hardwood Top and Bottom; Maple Lantern Posts; Birch Plywood Inserts

Finish: Danish Wood Oil

Includes Lantern, one carved face, and three blank sides.

*Lantern Faces are made from a combination of Cherry, Maple and Birch. While they are finished with Danish Wood oil to withstand some elements, direct exposure to water may result in a diminished product.

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